Windows 7 – Record what you hear with Audacity

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Hey, i’m back with a short tutorial on how to record anything you hear. By this I mean any sound that is outputted. Please use this tutorial in moderation and do not steal peoples work.

Learn how to download and install Audacity including over 90 effects. Enjoy guys!


  1. This worked for me in Windows 7:
    If you do not see "Stereo Mix" in your Recording Devices list, try the following:
    1. Right-click on a blank area of the device list, for example, below the last device listed
    2. Select "Show Disabled Devices –> Stereo Mix should now appear grayed out
    3. Right-click on Stereo Mix and select "Enable"

  2. many thanks for the tutorial — i've now got Audacity 2.1.2 recording 'what you hear' in Windows 10 (64-bits) — to get the stereo mix option in Sounds-Recording, i had to install the latest Realtec audio driver(s) from my ASUS motherboard site, and reboot

  3. Thank you, managed to got it to work without the stereo mix thing. Changed from MME to wasapi and used my standard speakers as the source. Got the job done nicely, thank again for the tutorial.

  4. I am using Windows 10 and am recording streaming audio but I get sounds I am making like if I cough, etc. How can I just get recording from the streaming? Thanks.

  5. Well, I don't have Stereo mix but it worked , cause first i opened audacity and changed MME to Windows WASAPI and from 2 Stereo recording to 1 mono recording, cause when it was on it's default stuff what i wanted to record just wasn't recording cause it couldn't be downloaded and I needed it for school and i used the "dog" or "babysister" excuse too much.

  6. awesome man, thanks very much for your help, and appreciate it very much
    you didn't try sale us a crappy virus scan to allow down our PC, well
    looks like below others adding some of those crappy links, which cause
    problem to our PC. Again I thank you very much.

  7. No Stereo Mix option.. Doesnt work.. I got the Mp3 from lame and FLAC and Plug-ins.. That all works but it still doesnt record "what you hear" IDK what im doing wrong. Do you have a 2016 version of this? Im still using Windows 7 as well

  8. I've my stero mix enbled and I can see it in Audacity. I can listen to your video but for some reason stereomix seems not to work. The right bar that goes green when there is audio playaing shows nothing and audacity records nothing, still I can listen to music.. its pretty crazy stuff.

  9. Hello! I would like to ask you how can I record a coversation of my friend and myself on TeamSpeak 3 in multiplayer game using Audacity? Is it possible? If so how to do it?
    I want to record wideo with msi afterburner and voice with audacity.

  10. It's easy to record if you have an active option "What you hear" on your sound card, but when your sound card actually doesn't have this option available (like my SB Audigy), the only thing I could find and which works fine, is to mark in Audacity the sound host as Windows WASAPI. The other choices don't work and silence is recorded.

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