Windows 7: reset tcp/ip and winsock

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TCP/IP is a set of protocols used to access the Internet and other networks. It is possible for the Windows software that deals with TCP/IP to become corrupt. This video uses Windows 7, but these commands work on Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. This video resets both the TCP/IP stack and winsock.

The commands I use are:
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock show catalog
netsh winsock reset

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  1. Chris, I went to cmd as an admin and typed "netsh int ip set dns". That worked ok, but when i typed "netsh winsock reset", i got the dreadful "Access is denied" error. Any ideas/solutions ? Thanks.

  2. omg thank you so much i was really starting to freak out when my network wouldn't work and you literally saved me
    thank you thank you thank you <3 i really appreciate it you have no idea

  3. Can you use this method to undo changes made from things like TcpNoDelay? Like will it reset those values to default? I want to undo some changes I made to the TCP/IP folder when I was gaming on MMO's and see what the comparison is, but I don't want to go messing with my computers registry and possibly ruin my computer.

  4. Thank you so much, I've tried a lot, I reached the point that I will reinstall the windows, but you helped me. it really means a lot. I hope God will help you at the time you need it as you help me. Thank you again.

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