Windows 7 Screen Problem fix

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Windows 7 Screen resolution problem fix.
Please Read the following:

Drivers are not the same for every device. Different make and model have different drivers. Please download, depending upon you OS, (hwinfo / hwinfo32 / hwinfo64) and run it. It will give you a detailed information about your hardware. Check which make and model sound Card/Chip you have installed and then search the web for the right drivers or go to the Sound Card/Chip manufacturer’s website and download the…


  1. hey tarun i do not have any graphics card but i have i3 4th generation processor and i believe it supports upto 1 gb internally graphics.. but i want to set my resolution to 1920 x 1080.. is it possible or do i need to buy a graphics card… please reply soon.

  2. Nope
    This is not the Solution at all for all
    The true solution is just of 2m
    My age is just 12 years and i spend 4 months to fix my computer.And finally i fux it by this method
    Just Check something first;
    Go to screen resolution and see "what can you change screen resolution" then check what can yiu change colours?
    Just 256 or 16 not 32
    Then Check your welcome
    Ehat it just comes with a simple or with a very bright beautiful HD Animation? If not so.
    Now yiu are lucky
    restart computer then when it starts rebooting get into BIOS Menu by DEL F1 F2
    Then find Vedio configurations in advanced
    Now change Their setting to highest
    E.G there are 3 tabs (i dont know) change them to greater value e.g 512 1mb 8mb chang it to 8mb thid id just example
    After it
    And now yiu will get a beutifull 3D welcomed
    Then go to screen resolution and customized it As You Want
    Then change Colours now you have 2 options 16 and 32
    And have a big list of Valid modes
    Good luck
    This method is created by me (may be)
    But i dont found this method anywhere in internet
    So it is mine
    Good luck have a good day.

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  4. found an even easier way to do it. Down loaded driver uninstalled the driver supplied by microsoft. Unzipped the program and went thru the install then restarted my computer and magic happened I had the correct size. Couldn't go to any higher resolution but this works 16 to 9 aspect ratio versus the 4 to 3 I had.

  5. have screen half nomal,except too small to fit whole page . bottom half of screen is a light blue and only displays date, time, google icon etc.. no bottom half of page ! help !

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