Windows 7 SSD Tweak Guide (Asrock Extreme 4 / Corsair Force 3 120GB)

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Got a request to do a bryaneasy SSD tweak guide, so hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you guys as soon as I can.

If you have any questions let me know.

My tweak guide can be found here —


  1. Can you share your text file?
    It will come in handy if youtube decides to go for pay per view model in the near future. XD
    No really share the file I am too lazy to write all that down, but I would like to have a backup on my usb.

  2. Thanks for reply. I actually got it to work. I dont know exactly why it wasnt working maybe because after I set up ssd settings in bios I forgot to go back and redo it after I had to clear cmos.

  3. I've disabled the paging file like 3 times but every time I look it's still there. any ideas? I have 16gb of ram so I don't want it, also it wants 16gb of ssd. which is crazy. 

  4. thx for the answer; i have a last question:

    I know its a different mode! but evenif it allows 'hotswapping' …. would it change something?
    I checked it on the net, but i can not find the answer.

    Can you use a hot swapping on SSD card (2,5 inch). if u install your windows on it?
    i think the answer is no …


  5. Hey bryan i have the same motherboard as you i followed this and i wanted to ask do you get a flashing underscore for a few seconds during bootup? im trying to tweak my ssd for the fastest bootup and after this tweak is when i noticed the underscore flash

  6. No haven't downloaded it yet, Usually I don't download when everything is already working fine. Oh and about the 102 you won't damage anything at those speeds, its usually if you go into the 105+ region then u can get damage, it was just undervolted im guessing and choked.

  7. yeah you definitely should, the sata3_a1 uses asrocks asmedia chipset whereas the sata3_0 uses intels z77 storeage chipset, and well….. lets just say that intel makes ssds, do asrock make ssds? lol 😛

  8. I like your videos! Spent a bit of time looking into the pagefile debate, and as another option for people running an SSD + HDD, if you want to keep your pagefile (like if you dont have 16gbs of ram) you can relocate it off of the SDD to the HDD. This doesn't improve performance, but it should improve the life of the SSD.

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