Windows 7 System Restore

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System Restore within Windows 7
System restore in Windows 7 is a great tool for helping you get back from all kinds of problems you maybe having with your computer.

Maybe you have installed some kind of software that has made your computer act strangely or a Windows update has had a bad effect on your pc.
Windows system restore is also a great safety net when you know you are about to make changes on your computer.

Before you alter or…


  1. Restore system files and setting
    No restore points have been created on your computer system drive. To create a restore point open system protection

    Sir before many time I restore my system as like you but today I want restore but this error came. So please help me I don't want to flash my software I want to restore please please help me

  2. I can't get to windows anymore it crashed realy hard,and I can't make a system protection because I get the folowing:
    "Your computer is running in a limited diagnostic state.If you use System Restore in this limited state, you cannot undo the restore operation, so wtf should I do?
    Why are pcs so godamn complicated in stuff, can't make it simple for at leaat users, please explain how can I make a system restore.

  3. Guys i think this doesn't work for my laptop. Please how to format my windows 7 because i have no battery so i can't just restore it to an earlier point coz the date was doesn't change at earlier time even i can't change the date without battery right? Please help..

  4. that moment when this video keeps buffering slowly and then you'll have to listen to him talking hour's and hour's and your like get to the fucking point because i dont have much time! god damn less talk more action bruh

  5. How to restore from unmountable boot. error-to disk read error. Only able to use bios or manufacturers etc. That would be challenging for you and maybe solve my/others problems! How to save your laptop from paperweight syndrome.

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