Windows 7 Tips ‘N Tricks – Download 1080p YouTube Videos

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In this video I show you how to download 1080p and other HD videos from YouTube using Windows 7 64-bit, Cyberfox, and the YouTube Video and Audio Add-on for Firefox. I show you where to get everything, how to configure everything, and how to mux the files you download together using My MP4 Box GUI.

NOTE: To mux a file is to take a separate audio stream, and a separate video stream, and pack them into one file, typically a video extension of some sort like .mp4, .avi or .mkv, without any…


  1. YouTube managed to fuck up this addon. For some reason the Download button will no longer appear.

    In some cases you can use the toolbar button, click that and then click on Download Links for the same results, but Download Links button may be disabled.

    The only viable options so far are Flash and Video Download for RTMP but only to 720p, and FLV or Flash Video Downloader for non-RTMP. However you will have to opt out of ads.

    The Firefox extensions are increasingly becoming ad supported or limited free version, pay for full version. Read the comments for any addon you try, and be aware of hidden ads or limitations.

  2. Nice video! You should also check out VIDCONV. NET! Just in case this didn't work, or something else, you could try this out, they have an extension for Firefox and Chrome!

  3. Hey, thank you very much for your video guide it was very helpful. I was struggling like you for almost two days, to download High Quality Video with good audio for personal use of course. You cant listen DnB with bad audio and its very different to watch live sets on 55'' inch TV, without using your pc. And i accidentally come across your video. The version of the add-on i downloaded was updated to 0.3.5. This version have more checkboxes so i decided to leave like they are. When both files were downloaded it pop up me a window asking me do i want to run ffmpeg.exe (it was automatically assigned) so i clicked cancel and i did everything else. But then i decided to try again and this time to run this exe to see what is it for. It turn out this exe automativally mux both files without the need of a 3d party program like MeGUI. It opens you a console that checks the files it may take a wile if it is a long video, and than it replaces both files into a new muxed one. And this file is with the same size and quality like the file you get from the other method with MeGUI. I think you will probably will be interested to find this out :). And once again thank you for the guide.

  4. Beware, after YouTube changed 1080p streaming, many programs started to be advertised which claim full 1080p support. But, their 1080p support is FAKE. They simply download the 720p stream, and upconvert it. You may get a 1080p file, but it is not the actual 1080p YouTube stream.

    I found a free Mozilla plug-in called "Complete YouTube Saver." This works and saves the actual 1080p YouTube stream. YouTube is still unencrypted, but, for 1080p, there are separate audio and video streams now, which is why the older download add-ons no longer work for 1080p. Complete YouTube Saver downloads both streams automatically, then uses FFmpeg to mux the two streams together. All you have to do is specify the location of FFmpeg.exe. It does everything else automatically. You just select the 1080p stream, and you end up with a 1080p mp4 file, which is the actual 1080p streams from YouTube (not upconverted). Muxing is not memory or processor intensive; it should work even on an old PIII.

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