Windows 7 Tips ‘N Tricks – How To Change the Font Size in Windows and Firefox

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In this video, my first on my new computer, my first in 1080p, my first in Windows 7, and my first on a 64 bit OS (that’s a lot of firsts!) I show you how to increase the font size both in Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate and in Firefox 20.1 (latest as of this video to the best of my knowledge.)

The whole point of this video is to help those moving to large HD displays get things set up so that they are easy to read from a reasonable distance. Like me you were probably shocked by all the screen…


  1. you took us for a long walk but you REALLY HELPED ME with what i NEEDED and WANTED to find that stupid hidden box to change the icon font siz WITHOUT changinge the screen resolution. i have been looking for this for years!!! since i bought this system almost 4 years ago! subscribed and THUMBS UP!

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