Windows 7 tweak – Best Gaming performance

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Best Gaming performance GTX nvidia control panal msconfig power option


  1. i got amd so they give you like a preview screen of the game and show you how the textures will look like. this tweak really helped me because if i play a high graphics game it can burn the video chip on my motherboard, because i only have one, which sucks completely,and it burnt out once, dont buy a laptop unless it has minimum 2 video chips on the motherboard

  2. Anyone that took his comment seriously and actually deleted that is completely retarded, if you want to lose everything and mess up your computer then delete it.

  3. 11 years old my ass. if you dont know what u are doing there's google for help. then again, if u want to increase performance better just buy new processor, RAM bla bla bla. there's no such thing as tweak in this computing world

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