Windows 7 – Tweak Useful Shortcuts from My Computer

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Please RATE or COMMENT! This is a Windows 7 tested tweak I have used to create useful shortcuts that appear when you right right of the Computer icon on your desktop. Click for more Windows Tweaks


  1. im wondering is it posable to make one shortcut that would open up like 3 or 4 programs for matanace like open up your virus scanner and disk defrag and maybe a registry cleaner or sumthing all with one button so i could put it on my friends computers and just tell them to click this and run each program once a month at leest or sumthing

  2. i can't find it on my win 7, i go to edit then find i tipe the name in and it says finished searching registry i click ok buk nothing happens
    but greate vid, the other keys work well

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