Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Retail

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Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Retail


  1. Wow! Im amazed on how agry people get because they think this is a TUTORIAL FOR A RETAIL VERSION OF WIN 7 Ultimate. PEOPLE HE WROTE "WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64-bit Retail" NOT A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GET IT! RELAX PEOPLE! LEARN TO READ!

  2. Check this out dude read and read good Im from Oakland,Ca I not a internet gangsta I all read about mine. If you have the heart to talk shit on here please talk shit to my face and say it. Do hide behind youtube and do it. O and yeah I do travel If you or any other dude on here love to be a internet hardass please don't type it come tell me. Of better give me your info and I will come see you personally.

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