Windows 7 Ultimate – Blue Screen Problem [Memory Menagmant, IRQL Less or Equal, Bad Pool Header]

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate (system properties below) and my PC has been crashing for a while now. By crashing, I mean this – I get the well-known blue screen and some of these messages:


At first, this used to happen only when I play games with high system requirements – or higher than my PC could handle (GTA IV, Mw3, The Godfather 2, etc). But later on, this started happening randomly. One time, I was listening to music and downloading…


  1. it is not a ram problem. everyone says that. i even went out and bought new ram, new vid card, did the system update method. windows wanted to update everything every day. all it did was slow me down but not fix the errors… still BSOD. random errors and freezes like every few minutes. everyone said the same thing. ram ram ram… its not the ram.

  2. Update all drivers. I got 6 BSoDs yesterday and ran an MBAM scan and a CCleaner scan. I get BAD_POOL_HEADER
    These are very annoying an I'm going to update my drivers today.

  3. I have the Memory_Management, FAT_FILE_SYSTEM, and BAD_POOL_HEADER. Last time, My windows have a virus and I Reinstall it with a untouched one.. I formatted the drive C. After that, im installing all drivers that needed,, and i got that BSOD.. I dont know what happend and i keep trying to fix this.. (Sorry bad English..)

  4. i have a all of these 3 errors and i have about 8 years old PC but it never had problems with windows XP and Vista (i have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit) but the problem is that my PC crashes evry 20 or 30 minutes al the time with one of these 3 errors
    if this helps here is my PC specs its a 32bit machine:
    Motherboard:ASUS P5GD2 PRO
    CPU: Intel Pentimum 4 3ghz
    RAM: 2.5Gb I guess DDR
    HDD: 250Gb(has the windows on it and is te oldest one) 640Gb (has all my games)
    PSU: CHieftech A123 Series 750W

  5. I have the IRQL error, I have the same processor as you and 4GB of DDR2 RAM. To be honest my PC is a couple of years old now and it still within theory can play the latest games, I was playing the Battlefield 3 alpha and beta on my PC, the only problem is the blue screen I get, I also get random restarts on my PC and sometimes it even locks up with a really high pitched screeching beeing noise in which I have to dive to turn my sound off or press my power button.

    Nobody can solve mine either.

  6. Hold F8 At Windows Boot and Use the arrow keys (Mouse/Touchpad disabled) untill you get to safe mode. Press enter, you'll see a lot of commands. Dont worry, these are the commands used for booting in safe mode. Log in like you would normally do. Go to Control panel, programs, programs and features. Then choose the apps/games you installed (Select them individually) and click uninstall. Once their all removed, restart your computer. If that didn't work, Email Me at:

  7. @YouDucks32 I have the same exact motherboard but I have 3gigs and mine is doing the same problem like yours could you message me back and tell me if you got it fixed some how? Please Asap!

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