Windows 7 Ultimate Demonstration with NOD32 v.4 Running on it.

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  1. @HardDownHill No it's not! ESET Smart Security Business Edition it's the best ever!! xD It's almost the same thing, but it's better, belive me 😉 And if you want it in the version, here you have it —-> /watch?v=mobOibq-Rac

  2. if you plan to game on your computer I would suggest 32bit. While 64bit could utilize more memory A LOT of games don't have 64bit compatibility. With 32bit you can rest assured that any game you want to play on your computer can be played. I believe Call of duty 5 can't be played on a 64bit computer, I wouldn't buy a 64bit computer for gaming.

  3. okay if I am wrong, please do correct me without flaming me, but that is definitely not win 7… the taskbar is too short (the start menu button is going out of it like in vista), and the icons in the taskbar are too small, and there are words by them.

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