Windows 7 Ultimate for Free (No disc)

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Download the torrent here

Download Utorrent here

open the windows 7 with winrar and extract it to the desktop once the torrent is done downloading.Click on the folder u put it in. Then download this then double click setup
There ya go comment rate…


  1. Thanks for your sharing .but as we know ,usually the free key can only be used for several days ,then you get the notification your office is no genuine , in my opinion if you want to use for a longtime , i suggest to buy one legal key in mskeyoffer com . it's amazingly cheap , and works well .Thanks !

  2. if ur gonna run around telling people to do that, why not hand them money so they can. some people cant afford it so have to refer to tactics like this…as a famous Daniel once said, "u idiot!!!" have a nice day <3

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