Windows 7 Ultimate Hacks, Secrets, Tips & Tricks

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If you’ve installed Windows 7 recently, I think you’ll enjoy this list of my favorite secrets. Have fun!
Windows 7 Hacks


  1. Great video, some of these I actually needed to know so I could get my everyday work done faster (programming, hacking into my Aunt Beth's iMac, game designing (for my job), Photoshop, MS Office, gaming, and good 'ol web browsing and e-mailing), all on my early 2006 '17 core duo (upgraded to core 2 duo) iMac running Windows 7 that I got last year from my local Deseret Industries thrift store for $10.

  2. @bigcity777333 Lol big city you are such a hater. I'm going to write it one more time and thats it, see
    if your tiny little brain can figure it out.
    worked it out yet. my comment was so simple.

  3. @pigsbreath98
    Its not too small for me, but it will depend on your screen resolution. I usually record at 1280×720 (720p), if you record at higher resolutions, then the video may be hard to see in the preview.

  4. camtasia studio,,, i find that very complicated to use for some reason, it doesnt show my wholes screen without scroll bar when i preview teh vids??? or does this show full screen once vid is uploaded?

    Nice video anyway 😀

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