Windows 7 Ultimate Review

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Hey guys, just a little review for Windows 7 Ultimate!


  1. I just downgraded from 8.1 to 7 ultimate ,and it's amazing ,dont listen to brainwashed fanboys who say 8.1 is faster because it's not ,8.1 takes away more ram and cpu power ,and I had alot of problems with 8.1 like not installing drivers for my mouse and all the compatibility issues and rundll that took away 40% from cpu .Everything that was on 8.1 is on 7 except the shitty start screen and bland UI

  2. I have one thing to say from the start of the video. "It is like windows vista but 100x better." What is with this!!??!! If it is 100x better than windows vista, then HOW is it LIKE windows vista?

  3. I went from windows 7 home premium to ultimate, is ultimate any better.
    Also I want to know if windows 8, 8.1 or 10 is better then windows 7 ultimate.
    Please reply.

  4. great operating system. the only thing that was annoying is you have to add everything back to the Start Menu manually to make it look like XP. It's way faster than XP which was slow as shit

  5. Well if you click the option to do a complete install (a fresh) install then yes it'll wipe everything they'll be an option to keep programs / settings I'm sure..

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