Windows 7 Ultimate Running at Minimum Specs!!

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This is a video recording of Windows 7 Ultimate retail edition running at the minimum specs that Microsoft said it would run with. Talk about amazing!!! And if you note, the date of this video is before the official release date of 7, meaning that I have it early!!!! Download it yourself at and look for the RC Release Candidate.


  1. bad config…i have i7 4.8ghz water cooled, 12 gigs of ram and cross-fire of 2 ati 5970… and 3 30 inch apple displays….and raid of 4 hdd 2tb, ssd 256 gb…this cost just 6000$

  2. Extra information:

    To enable Aero, your video card needs to generally be at least an nVidia FX 5200 or greater, or an ATI Radeon 9600 pro or greater.

    If you have an AGP slot in an old machine and you can access an AGP video card at least what I stated or better, you can enable Aero for its UI performance benefits and features (and not to mention, better aesthetics).

    You'd be surprised how much Aero can help on an old system if the GPU is doing all the window drawing work!

  3. An easy rule of thumb to determine if you need 32-bit or 64-bit is down to this simple question:

    Do you have 4gb or more ram? Install 64-bit as your machine would likely have a processor supporting it as well as requiring 64-bit to access all your ram entirely.

    Do you have 3gb or less ram? Install 32-bit because the main benefit of 64-bit is not present and you may as well give yourself added compatibility then, also you risk not even having 64-bit cpu in such a rig.

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