Windows 7 Update Stuck SOLVED

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No Windows Update for months – it was stuck searching for updates – forever. Fixed with two KB-patches.


  1. It's my first boot, and i have had a lot of truble with Win7 update. Now it's finally appearing how many updates… And it's preparing to install… Downloading 0Kb/s …..

  2. Thank you so much for this video, there is a lot of information out there that could possibly fix this problem but this video was very simple and easy to follow compared to complicated fixes out there. The only suggestions I could make is to include the actual links to the patches, 3020369 ( AND 3172605 ( Please note these are the patches for x64.

  3. You sir, are an absolute genius! I've watched dozens of videos over the past several days, pulling my hair out and screaming at my pc vowing to never ever reinstall windows again…until your video fixed the problem in one fell swoop! Thank you a ton!

  4. SIR!!! I wish i could give you a hug! HAHAHAHA i have been trying to fix this on my own for 4 DAYS untill i saw your video.. A REAL BIG THANK YOU!!!! I have subscribed as well. god bless you sir

  5. Thank you sir. I worked on my computer. Had a fresh install of 32 bit Windows 7 with updates up to July. KB 3020369 was already installed but KB3172605 did the job. Don't have to log in and out. I just stopped the update service and installed the update. After I fired up the update it took about 5 min to get the list of updates. Quite an improvement from hours of waiting in vain. Have a great day!

  6. Thank you so much, sir. I watched about 6 videos and read several guides on how to solve this problem. Your's was lucky number 7. You officially have saved the day. Thank you!!

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