Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Boot time?

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First of Let me get this out. I know this is an unfair test, As the Windows machine has a raid card, but understand the Windows machine is far more powerful. Specs as follows for Windows machine.

Dual 3.0Ghz Intel Xeon (2MB L2 Cache per processor)
6GB of Ram @ 400MHz
10k RPM SCSI Drive
ATi x700 Pro Graphics card.

Specs for the Ubuntu system

1 x 3.0GHz Intel Xeon (2MB L2 Cache)
4GB of RAM @ 400MHz
7200RPM Sata Drive
nVidia Quadro NVS 280

Both machines have the Same…


  1. @0GreyWarden0
    i agree.
    and you have to specify what a boot is.. you can boot ubunut without GUI.
    plus new ubuntu will come out in october, and than another one in april so stuff can be fixed…

  2. Windows has the disadvantage of having to load two screens as well, and because the ubuntu system is meant for quick load time, being a like operating system. if you were to do a clean install of windows starter, with nothing up on startup, and a clean install of ubuntu they would be even closer, if not the same. Im not saying ubuntu is bad or anything, i use it plenty myself. Just if your going to compare to operating systems compare them for what they are.
    All OS's are best at something.

  3. Ubuntu is faster because it doesn't contain that many applications. I'm not hating on ubuntu since i have it but how can you campare speeds of ubuntu and windows when ubuntu has less apps and windows has more? And no, i'm not computer tech savvy so sometimes i have no clue what im saying but im trying to point the obvious out. You can't compare ubuntu and windows

  4. @deathbydouble PSS. ever heard of Red Hat

    serious company? do you decide weather they are serious because a bank or a sever farm company, IMO, are serious

    lets keep this on the argument, not each other… show a disagreeing of my ideas, not a dislike of me, whom u have never met.


    have a good day, assshooter.

  5. @assshooter u know most banks use unix Operating systems -_-

    80% of servers use linux -_-

    i use both windows and ubuntu; ubuntu for general web activity and programming while i use windows 7 for photoshop and graphic design. i have 3 6970s and linux doesn't support them well, i admit, but I initially got ubuntu to be safe from windows. have you every heard the term "legacy OS", well windows is one. that base is much older than the linux one
    PS. i don't game
    don't be so hostile ^_^

  6. @deathbydouble
    When the Linux desktop is so productive why is every serious company using Windows? Ubuntu like other distro's is using the X-windows system, thats very old crap. Lots of programs for the Linux desktop are crap to. Every piece of hardware I have runs fine in windows with full support of the drivers. Why buying a expensive graphics card in Linux? For tux racer? Linux desktop is good when you only surf the internet and mail a bit.

  7. @assshooter SOLID??

    in many areas, ubuntu is much more productive.. including multiple desktops… ubuntu is faster and the code behind it is modern, much more so than windows

    you can also achieve more for the hardware you have

    you can't even do anything with a netbook running windows

    windows also gets much slower over time and it is less apperant in ubuntu

    ubuntu is much more productive.. multiple desktops purpose was to be more productive… WHAT U TALKIN' ABOUT WILLIS


  8. @polychrones one of my favorite comments

    its also really easy to break windows made by Microsoft

    my windows freeze and it is 80F outside… ya Microsoft windows have a wide range of freezing temperatures (bad joke i kno)

    your is by far the best one i have heard

  9. Nice, you can boot very fast into a crappy desktop os. Wauw, can you make also a video of rotating cubes etc. ?

    And for productivity just make a video of windows 7 :), the most solid desktop os ever.

  10. @commodore256 I know and totally agree with you. Your message was just a bit bleh is all o.o. As far as that goes, I love Ubuntu 10.10. It handles file transfers very fast and well. It seems to handle the internet and web content better and has a very easy to use package repository (Hey, the Ubuntu App store xD) for downloading packages you need and want. I love it's system updater, too. It has great functionality (In my opinion anyway). What do you think of Ubuntu?

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