Windows 7 Vs Ubuntu 9.04.

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Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Vs Ubuntu 9.04. J. 64 bit
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  1. I tried ubuntu. Couldn't even move the taskbar in unity, looked like garbage. I couldn't even tell which programs where up and which weren't. I wanted to install the basic programs dreamweaver, photoshop and couldn't. Wine sucks by the way. Linux mate (is it?) wont boot on my computer, gave up after 6 hours trying to find a simple solution to turn on nomodeset, you can't find much help when so little people use the OS. It was a pain, for me. Went back to windows 7.

  2. Look just think that everyone has their tastes and different way of thinking about that "Windows" is not better than ubuntu or ubuntu is better than windows all are good but everyone has their preferences and eventhough it say shit no windows vs. is so I used apple and ubuntu but my problem is I always prefer windows

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