Windows 7 vs Windows 10 Benchmark(Performance and Boot Time)

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Today we will be comparing Windows 10(Official Release) and Windows 7 using a notebook Toshiba Portege Z835

In our comparison, we will be using Pass Benchmark V.8 to measure the overall performance of the notebook(CPU, graphics, Memory, HD, etc) on both windows 10 and windows 7 platform.

We will also test which is better in terms of boot time speed


  1. When i have windows 10 Minecraft says your gpu doesn't support opengl then i install windows 7 and run minecraft you know what Minecraft run so smooth!
    I think it's an driver problem but…. That's not good at all!

  2. Windows 7 is way faster than 10!
    Windows 10 made my laptop so slow, sluggish and it takes longer to boot in Windows 10
    My specs are :
    Ati radeon 3100 graphics
    Amd sempron SI-42 2.10GHz
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    After I downgraded to windows 7 everything went smooth!

  3. As a Fucking Geek, Audiophile and Technician. I have tested Win xp, Win Vista, Win7, Win8.1 and Win10 Conclusion: I totally love all the options and all the freedom and the speed performance of Win7. And i really dislike the Intrusion and less freedom of Win10.

  4. I dual boot windows 10 and 7, windows 10 is faster in normal things like opening folders and the control panel ect…. but when it comes to heavy lifting and the cpu is under a lot of load windows 7 beats it by a mile.

  5. My portable never had faster boot times with windows 10 installed. My HP portable has the amd a8-4555 apu with 8 gigs of ram. It always took twice as long to boot compared to windows 7. Now I am referring to fresh installs of both. I had the bug when i used the upgrade method where boot times would take about 10 minutes with a blank black screen and no indication that anything was happening.
    Everything under windows 10 ran slower and was sluggish. I could not view videos on youtube properly with windows 10. I was using chrome and i would get playback at about 15 frames per seconds. I tried with chrome hardware acceleration turned on and off – didnt help.
    and I personally can not stand an OS that looks like it was designed for a tablet ; I do not need the ridiculous color schemes and tiles for everything. That god awful app store is just as bad.

    I hard formatted the hard drive on the HP portable and installed an OEM copy of Windows 7 Pro. It actually runs like a computer again

  6. I decided i o back to windows 7. my new laptop had windows 10 on it and i don't trust it at all. you are forced to use updates cannot turn it off you cannot remove all the bullshit apps like windows edge. Oke it starts fast, i give em that but i rather have an os with less bullshit in it.  Now lately in windows 10 i cannot connect to a ot of websites with Firefox because it is forces to use secure connection but certifications are not properly configureed. i cant even use google anymore. and i suspect windows 10 is doing sneaky thing in the background to fuck up Firefox.  I had Firefox as default webbrowser, and windows 10 is just completely ignoring me and sets is back to microsoft edge all by itself in the background no warning no nothing.  I am  getting fed up with this windos 10 bullshit.  I might even go back to Linux but then maybe my games won't run any more so I gueess windows 7 is where i have to go now.  I used it before and never had much problems with it.  Windows 8 i didn't like either.with windows 7 microsoft finally had a good windows version but they fucked it up again with windows 8 with their tablet design approach.  They had a screen with a lot of apps where you can click on, sound easy right, well no because none of the apps i use were in there so i had to look for them.My new laptop has i7-6500u and 256gb ssd drive so i don't really worry about windows boot times.  especially since i dont reboot that often.thank you for putting up the video.

  7. Sticking with Windows 7 good but can be very harmful to your personal data. Since Microsoft stop releasing critical updates like the security. It now vulnerable to attacks especially web browsing. Im not saying update to Windows 10 it still be free as long as Window 7 users exist but if you have vulnerable information like credit cards, social security number, personal data that shouldn't be shared with others wise thing to do is to update to Windows 10.1 yes the update did fix a lot of issues and performance. It may not be as fast as Windows 7 but a SSD will solve all your issues. Ever see a computer boot up in 10 seconds mine does.

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