Windows 7 vs Windows 10 Gaming Performance!

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To my surprise, the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10’s gaming performance is absolutely amazing.

Direct X12’s full potential won’t be released until later this year with more updates to be included from Microsoft, but the differences from Windows 10’s launch is definitely noticeable. The benchmark details can be located down below in case the video went too fast, which I do apologize for.

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  1. So, looking at other Windows 7 / 10 benchmark comparisons, I'm not seeing anything resembling your benchmark results. For example, Crysis 3 is about the same on both 7 and 10.

  2. Really, Any nasty comments towards me as a person, (again) will be reported, removed, and banned from accessing the channel. Some troll say's some crap, just ignore the cunt. Report to whom. Dude really? Peace, love and chicken grease.

  3. Cooked stats much, everyone knows if you're aiming for Heaven/valley highscores you need to use stripped versions of win7. The fact your win10 score is nearly double just reeks of bullshit.

  4. I upgrade windows 7 to windows 10 and then i installed fifa 16
    When I play fifa 16 in some situations like shooting on goal game starts laging
    If I downgrade windows 10 to windows 7 will I still have problem with lag?

  5. When you're talking to the camera, it would be nice if you took better care of microphone placement to better match the voice when you're doing a voiceover. Thank you for your benchmark effort and also for the test results in the video description, i hate to rewatch the video for a number i missed or may have misheard.

  6. I need someone to explain a few things to me. 1. Do these games have a DX11 and DX12 builds? If not, the speed differences have nothing to do with the difference in rendering API and everything to do with windows 10 either being less clunky or just having less processes running on it. 2. Were the same programs installed and running in the background in every test?

  7. hey, i am on windows 7 right now, and im only playing arma 3. and its a very heavy cpu/gpu game, would it help if i uppgrade to windows 10?, havnt seen any videos commenting about arma 3. , i got an i5 4400k and Gtx 970 or something, i know arma 3 is bad optimised.. thanks

  8. A lot of people complaining on Windows 10 just like 8 but my laptop runs on both Windows 7.1 and just recently got 10 and I love it a lot because it makes everything so convenient and helpful. I can have the advance ways and really good organization of windows 10 while I can have the simplicity of windows 7 while I can use both at the same time!

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