Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 Gaming Performance

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Should one upgrade to latest Windows Operating System – Windows 10? Is there any benefit for gamers other than the DX12?

This video shows actual difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10 on old dual core system.

4 PC games tested: GTA V, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, War Thunder.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.00 Ghz
* My OC: @ 4.0 Ghz
* My OC: @ 1376 /…


  1. Wow, this video really is spreading. It's been a long time since the tests in video and i have done some additional testing on Win 10 on multiple rigs and can say only positive words about Windows 10 progression. I tested some latest and even 10+ y-o rigs in 20+ PC titles (mostly '16-17) and this OS did a very good job, even GTA V ran as it should even with only 4 GB of RAM.
    So, don't hate on this video, it is here to remind us all of that an OS is not ready at launch date at all and needs quite some time to surpass the predecessor. I think now is the time of when Win 10 > Win 7 in gaming.

    That said, check my channel for some proper gaming benchmarks on PC systems. I now do testing under this system even on 10-y-o dual core setups


  2. Much bigger gaming performance with win 7 over win 10 with a CPU like i7 4790k and GTX1080ti graphics card… I did run Windows 10 and 8,1 for a year on 4 difrent machines before I switched back to Windows 7 and the performance gain was BIG going back to Win 7… Windows 10 is a user unfriendly piece of stinking garbage that has absolutely no benefits to it. I find it even more easy to adapt to Linux Mint that Windows 10… Microsoft have gone completely mad and I predict soon Windows will be a dying OS when support for Windows 7 runs out as now both OSX and Linux have started to become a better alternative even for gamers…

    Computers I tested on are: Intel Xeon 3060 (3,3ghz) 4GB ram, Intel Xeon E3-1231V3 / 3.4 GHz 16GB ECC ram Work Station, Macbook pro i7 3,3ghz 16GB ram, and a i7 4790k 16GB ram. All tested with GTX 980ti and later GTX 1080ti for the last 3.

  3. if you have potatoe/toaster pc use win7 but if you have a good one that can run a lot of strong games such as gta5 csgo overwatch or other games but for csgo on high settings i think, then get win10

  4. I laugh at our hardware in mid 2017. WHY not test it on at least an i5 or Ryzen rig that most gamers have? Your hardware is really lacking and i DON'T know anyone from even 2016 who have a PC that low in hardware.

  5. I find it difficult to benchmark an OS with a Game. There are different Game Engines that give different output so thats that. Windows 10 has some nice features and also shitty ones. If it wasnt for that Xbox bullshit with Game DVR and Fullscreen Optimisations, Constant Spying on users and installing it with advertisment apps it would actually be nice. Its boots fast and runs stable on most parts. Shame that you cant boot Windows 7 with UEFI mode without a hassle, since thats the new tech that replaces the bios, booting an UEFI board with legacy mode takes away a shitload of performance and i truly believe that all those articles about win 10 being a superior Gaming OS are bullshit and just to lure us into using that for data collection. 2020 is the year Microsoft discontinues Win 7 Updates and by that time i hope that Linux based Gaming will make its leap foward. I allready dual boot and run some Games of Linux with little to no performance differences. Linux Mint is great for beginners, just in case you want to try it out.

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