Windows 7 vs Windows 10 Performance Comparison | Overwatch

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It’s the competition between Windows 10 and 7, which one is faster?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Intel Core i7 4790K at 4.0 GHz
8 GB of DDR3 RAM


  1. …Your ping increased by almost HALF on windows 10? I'm still on 8.1, and while I don't have problems, I'd like DX12. However, last time I tried to install it(did a fresh install, so I reformatted etc), it wouldn't take the driver for my 1080, but I am missing out on things, I know that much.. How are things now?

  2. around 50% of people who using windows as their os still using win7, in another word win7 still be the most popular windows even today. when the second place is win10 have people around 30% using it.

    for me, if you want to play safe you better use win7. win10 is for who ready to get some upgrade and not fear with new type of problems that you will run into it in no time.

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