Windows 7 vs Windows 10

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Windows 7 vs Windows 10


  1. I have 2 computers at my home. Laptop and computer. My laptop is on Windows 7. Once I got a notification about a possibility to upgrade to windows 10, I said "why not, let's give it a try". However, I reverted back to Windows 7 in a couple of hours due to extreme taskbar freezing and browsers not responding.

  2. Windows 10 requires more dim space (ram) because of various background functions it performs. That's why it might be slow on low-spec computers or some that don't have at least 6/8gb of ram

  3. WIndows 10 is great for me. I don't mind Microsoft collecting data. Windows 10 feels modern. I admit the aero effect of WIndows 7 was beautiful but the other design elements are beginning to look outdated. I like the fact that my version of Windows has an antivirus built in and gets feature updates. I like the look of UWP apps (touchscreen and keyboard/mouse user here) and I hate the fact Microsoft is dumbing down their apps, for example the Photos app. I'm hopeful for the future of Windows. It's getting better overtime. In my experience 10 runs better than 7 for me. That was some Dell Latitude E(something something) laptop. I did a clean install using the in built method. It got rid of the bloatware and fixed stuff up. It was really laggy before that. Windows 10 automatically installing drivers was really handy. I haven't had a problem with Windows updating by itself, but that said I restart at least once a week. Windows 7 just worked, yes but on newer hardware 10 is great.

  4. I remembered when my first time upgrading my Surface Pro3 to Windows 10 when it first came out. I played minecraft and the game ran extremely awful in Windows 10. But it does tend to run fine now since the updates fixed a bunch of problems. but other than that file writing speeds on my SSD are a tad bit faster than what I had in Windows 8.1 but booting wasn't all that well since the SSD i had was a samsung m.2 ssd or something that is underclocked. But now I have a new Laptop that is rocking a core i3 and dedicated GeForce 410m GPU with 6gb and runs Windows 7 Ultimate Flawlessly (except when I'm trying to edit and render in Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. In my opinion, I still love Windows 7 more than Windows 10. I think both Windows 7 and 10 are awesome operating systems and both OS's have their ups and downs.

  5. Windows 10 sucks in a nutshell. The only reason i use it is because it has linux subsystem and I run ubuntu within Windows coz I need to develop rails apps. Ruby and Rails aren't supported so well on Windows. These guys started implemeneting the OS fist and thinking about what to implement came later. Why can't you simply seperate tablet mode from desktop mode.And not add tablet capabiilty if its a not a touchscreen computer/tablet. Why does the OS come with so many bloatwares. Why does Cortana keep spying. Why does microsoft force people to search using Bing. You can't defend horrible unfinished design by calling it modern metro UI. Thats bullshit. The faster startup is only because Windows 10 doesn't complely shut down. Its more like hibernate. And to top it all even the windows start logo is jagged. That says it all.

  6. Win 10 also boots slower. Because it takes around 3 minutes before it lets me start anything after getting to the desktop. Win 7 was worlds better but now Im stuck with 10 because I dont want to use days and days for setting everything up to win 7 again.

  7. Where is the suckage test? How Win 10 sucks and how Win 7 doesn't suck? I have both. Win10 is on my SP4 , no way around that. I also have Win7 on my PC. Win 7 is just so much better and works like a PC. Win 10 was in the ICU for a while suffering from Win 8, but still suffering and will never be the same. Win 7 is the way PC should be. Win 10, just stop trying to be the one for all and all for one. Tablet's aren't PC's so why does Windows want to be a tablet so bad? Tablets and iPads will die out because they just suck just like the iPod. I never bought an iPod, just the same I've never bought a Tables. Pure poopoo. They make good tools for some business needs, but not really for PC users. They need to keep their software separate. Windows 10 okay just keep going with mini versions of PC's aka Tablets with no power and Surface Pro's. Win 7 needs to be the benchmark for PC users. When I'm not in school I never reach for my SP4. I don't get why people like this garbage. You're right if you're asking why I don't mention Mac. Mac is just baby poop. Unix and Linux just don't cut it. It's a good tool for nerds to practice command line interfacing, meanwhile the rest of the world is using GUI and next generation technology.

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