Windows 7 VS Windows 8.1 Gaming Performance/60Fps

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Is windows 7 really that much inferior to windows 8.1 when it comes to gaming performance, I personally feel that when windows 7 has all it’s CPU core unparked, there is nothing really between the two operating systems. However I did notice faster loading times with windows 8.1 while making this comparison. As for the other results I will let you watch the video and make up your own mind. But windows 10 and DX12 should be interesting. Enjoy the video…


  1. i like windows 10 the best but my brother said it has bad gaming performane,well it does not i have ben using windows 10 and it rocks!why didn't he at least downgrade it to 8.1 not windows 7 it looks like sheet

  2. Video doesn't prove anything with those game framerates. I could have a GTX 1080 on Windows XP and get 100 fps on ultra. What really matters is your graphics card when it comes to framerate , not windows…

  3. I have been running Windows 8,1 for a year and also tested Windows 10. But now I am back on Windows 7 and now all processes running take much less CPU than it did in Windows 10 and 8,1. I had also problems in W10 and 8 very often with difrent processes using 100% CPU of one core all the time, specially windows update used to do this. Same problems on 4 different computers. Never had problems in W7 with processes going crazy all the time using 100% of one CPU core. Overall it seems like Windows 7 is a much better operating system using much less of your resources. This is very noticeable specially on a laptop as you get much less fan noise and better battery life.

    The 4 computers I have been using are: 2014 Macbook pro (i7 3,3Ghz), 11 year old Xeon3060 (identical to Core 2 duo) at 3,3Ghz , Intel i7 4790k and a Intel Xeon 1231 (identical to i7 but without GPU built in) at 3,4Ghz. The C2D had 4GB of ram rest had 16GB.

  4. how the fck did u just say that windows 7 is inferior to windows 8.1 in gaming you dont see the difference of framerates? sometimes w7 have 10 framerate more than w8 🙂 so how is that inferior to 8 when u have 10 and mostly 5 fps more than w8?

  5. I've been with computers since Windows 95 and I can say I know a lot about hardware. Windows 7 is not a bad system but Windows 8.1 has more beauty and more options. For example task manager of Windows 8.1 has more details than windows 7.

    THE bad things about Windows 8.1 are those extra software that are build in. Store, Weather and all the rest that are pointless typing here. Windows does not need all that crap Microsoft has put in. Microsoft should have released two Windows. One with all that crap and one without. All of them are because of touch screen devices and are not needed in desktop PC.

    If you want to upgrade windows, you need to see what hardware you have. If you have old hardware, they will not work well under Windows 8.1.

    Have a motherboard that was made in 2010, have a graphics card that was made in 2010 with all the ram, hard disk and CPU then install Windows 7. You will have the same results like with windows 8.1. Keep in mind, these hardware have to be the same when it comes to specifications.

    Windows 8.1 or 10 will work better on hardware that were made after 2014. Windows 7 will work better with hardware that were made between 2009 and 2014.

    The technologies have two ways you need to mix and match properly. Software that is up to date needs to be installed on hardware that are almost the same age.

    At the end, if you have your hardware over 3 years, they will have issues and compatibility problems with windows 8.1. The problem is with drivers.

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