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Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 Ultimate Performance Benchmarks Review & Test: Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 Comparison / Benchmark testing of Windows 8.1 performance and speed vs Windows 7 performance and speed.


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  1. I had windows 8.1 and after a year I decided to go back to Windows 7 Pro simply because its so much better and games and older apps have less problems on Windows 7 also it runs all my new programs without any issues so yeah I am going back. The Metro apps seriously suck so I am not missing out on much there. 

  2. windows 8.x is an on going evolutionary process. there is no doubt that with each passing update it's getting better then when it first came out. I couldn't stand windows 8 when it first came out. but windows 8.1 fixed a nice sum of issues that windows 8 didn't. then update 1 came out which fixed even more issues. I think one or two more updates will fix windows 8 completely and i'm looking forward to windows 8.1 update 2 when the start menu finally returns.

  3. Eight is good for some, bad for others (minimal difference) but i believe the new Windows will shine after some new updates and after DX 12 release. I'm using 8.1 right now and worth it for other tasks too!

  4. It's funny when people say Windows 7 so much better if so why did it always had problems with all damn updates, ?  Windows 7 sucks ass!   Windows 7 even taken forever update damn drivers and updates.   When I got my new Windows 8.1 works so much better then Windows 7 ever will so yeah. I don't have to wait hours on an end just see my damn updates take 2 or 3 hours when I use have Windows 7.  Now I got a build gaming PC works hell lot better any damn brand name computer.

  5. My Windows 8.1 works great. When I play video games on my gaming PC I never have no kinda problems.   I got AMD FX 3850 with 16 ram but mine can go up to 32 ram I got  Visiontek Radeon HD 7950 Graphic Card – 3 GB I got a nice fan maybe sometime I will do a video of my gaming PC.

  6. I hope windows 9 will be like going back to their roots and basically make windows xp all over again but make it support dx11  obviously… and you'll get 20 fps more if not 5 – 10 but still am i right this bould be the best…. to bad they wont 🙁 

  7. Probably going back to Windows 7.  I didn't notice any difference between Win7, 8, and 8.1.  Plus, you can't use SharpEnviro in Windows 8 since it discontinued before it came out, which is unfortunate because it's the greatest Explorer alternative ever.

  8. 8.1 is just simply better for gaming. Windows 8 is required to take full advantage of direct X 11 and windows 8.1 for direct X 11.1. I don't know why you got higher FPS in 7 as in everything i've seen, 8.1 wins hands down. Maybe it was just deviation?

  9. Picap Dennyel+ wow you don't half talk out of your ass, people use real world benchmark results while fanboys resort to making half assed BS claims, id love to see you post a video showing your 680 getting more FPS in dirt 3 than my 280X.

  10. Make sure you do the same test when mantle comes out, to show just how bad Direct X 11 sucks. 100-150 dollars for a horrible high level API. If you have a 7000 series AMD or up, or plan to get one? Spend the money on hardware, not a garbage OS with a better Direct X.

  11. R9 290X ? What a pice of crap video card. My GTX 680 FTW is 1000 times better on cooling and voltage temps and others. with GTX 780 stock is you do OC like to say 50 MHz on GPU will destroy your 290X in all the games, but if you do OC on yours , you will burn your PC :))) running from 95C to 125C LOL.

  12. Conclusion:,

    Comparison between Win 7 and Win 8.1 is pointless with immature drivers, low margins of error, and running 1080p… really this test shows nothing.

  13. 8.1 currently has mouse lag issues in a lot of games like Metro, Stalker, COD and others. From these stats I see no reason for me as a gamer to upgrade. I'm happy with Win 7 pro and I'll probally get the Steam OS to dual boot when it's ready.

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