Windows 7 vs Windows 8 RTM: Gaming Performance

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  1. I feel bad for all these cunts in love with windows 8… they don't know a shit about software and for some reason they think their opinions matter.. lol… SHUT THE FUCK UP you bunch of fat cunts.. go to school and learn about hardware acceleration and operating systems… nobody gives a fuck about your opinions because you don't know a shit about computers so keep your mouths shut.

  2. FUCK yeah… I love windows 7!!! fuck you windows 8 and all you stupid uninformed wannabe gamers you think that windows 8 is better coz its newer!! idiots… if you know about software and you know about performance software than you know windows 7 is better for everything… I fucking hate these cunts trying to sound all smart and shit and they don't even know what hardware acceleration is.. 

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