Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 SSD Performance Comparison Speed Test

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Windows 7 ultimate 64 Bit VS. Windows 8 professional 64Bit Boot Reboot time.Windows8 & Windows7 Comparison.
Windows 7 vs. gegen to Windows 8 on a SSD Solid State Disk.
Test Windows 8 7 installation time start restart Leistung .
windows 8 pro Build 9200 or and und Windows 7 Testing.Windows 8 boot new installation time.
my opinion experience
windows 7 is 5% better than windows 8 with SSD,
Windows 8 restart, start and installation too fast…
meine meinung
windows 7 ist %5 besser als…


  1. I Install win 8.1 64bit (on SSD) and is bad for me
    1. the start menu suck!
    2. Why they remove the Glass Aero? (Only taskbar)
    3. If I do restart I waiting 30 seconds
    4. If I playing games like GTA V or Carmageddon Reincarnation then are crash :

    The good in win 8.1:
    Is very stable
    He find every driver you need!
    He not crash at all 🙂

    What goods in win 7 64bit? (on SSD)
    1. Games run great
    2. He has Glass Aero in everything
    3. If I do restart I waiting 12 seconds
    4. All Games run great they not crash at all!!!

    The bad in win 7:
    He unstable
    Sometimes can not find drivers
    Sometimes it crashes

  2. Both Windows are great tried them both Windows 7 used a bit more ram but it wasn't noticeable but when i tried out Win 8.1 it felt a bit quicker and more responsive. Either way i love both of the OS's and i switch them from time to time. 🙂

  3. Worst SSD Speed Comparison?? I think so… Both computer should have been at the same stage of a Windows Installation. FRESH. There is no telling what spyware/registry problems each machine had against the other. Perhaps the Windows 7 machine had been used for 1 week where as the Windows 8 machine looked like it may have been on a fresh installation?

  4. although the are very similar Windows 7 is way better if you are using the same amount of hardware for example both computer running with a i7 processor  , 8 gb Ram and an EVGA GeForce GTX Titan Black Superclocked Graphics Card.

  5. Can you please answer if the 8.1 is better that 8?
    Because i have a serious gaming system with gtx780ti and core i7 and its a gaming rig!
    And i dont now if all my stuff will work on win 8.1 because i have corsair link and all the software that controlls the heat…
    And i play games like BF4…

  6. i use win 7 on a tablet 😀 but stripped down and with a different interface, faster that way than win 8 and more importantly uses less space, also better touch experience with the custom interface

  7. porra meu pc tem hardware inferior com um core 2 quad q9550 e 4gb de ram ddr3 com ssd 120gb e liga mais rápido com 14 segundos com windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits nem chega aparece tela de bem vindo so carrega e pronto.

  8. Windows 8 Oberfläche eignet sich nicht zum gewohnten Arbeiten am PC ohne Touchgeräte. JA ICH HABE ES PROBIERT! Zudem gibt es Programm- und Treibertechnisch wieder Probleme und den App Store wird keiner Effektiv auf den PC nutzen, da man in gegensatz zu Windows RT auf Tablets weiterhin EXE-Dateien ausführen kann. Und man kennt schon von Windows Phone, dass der App Store total überteuert sein wird…

  9. Anfangs, als ich mir nur diese "Tests" angesehen habe fand ich Win 8 bullshit. Jetzt bin ich seit ich mir vor zwei Wochen einen neuen PC geholt habe mit Win 8 unterwegs und ich muss sagen, der erste Eindruck täuscht gewaltig. Den Desktop hat man ja immernoch und die Kacheln bekommen auch noch ihre benötigte Aufmerksamkeit sobald der Windows 8 App Store mit Apps gefüllt wird.

    Das kann allerdings noch dauern…

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