windows 7 vs windows vista vs windows xp boot up test

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  1. @0IdiAmin0 even so the windows 7 showed the mouse first and was at the users first wile the xp was at the welcome screen, so technically windows 7 did win and windows vista would have too if it wasnt running on toshiba witch has a long bios start up volume.

  2. If you think windows xp is better then vista or 7 you must have a old ass computer from 2004 that cant handle such an overpowerd operating system, or are too poor to actually go to the store and buy it. It has way more features then xp and the 3d effect on everything including the what used to be "alt tab" page switch when used "ctrl tab" whitch can still be used, and the "aeros mirror effect" that runs a glossy mirror effect arounf the border and the programs.I could keep going but 0 characters

  3. @0IdiAmin0 Are you dumb? If that version of windoes xp was password protected it wouldnt have beat w7 to the home screen with that said this isnt acruate and that eye bleading color schemed operating system cant even play games in high resolution and gets extremely slow after a year, ive had it for 6 years so dont try to be telling me off when i know this dtuff more then you, ive also used windows vista for 2 years and windows 7 currently from the reliase date.

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