Windows 7 vs. Windows XP boot time speed test –

Video is ready, Click Here to View × pits Windows XP vs. Windows 7 to see which OS has the quickest boot-up time.

Microsoft have promised vastly improved speeds from Windows 7 when compared to Windows Vista but how does it hold up against the much-loved XP platform? Watch the video to find out.

** Apologies for the poor video quality **


  1. @Nat1T actually the one on the left is a samsung, the one on the right is a toshiba…not the same…"listen to what he say next time"…or just listen to what he SAYS lol. The BIOS boot is going to be different, and the OEM services are going to be different as well.

  2. dude, in a scientifuc experiment, things haz to be teh same.

    But seriously, you need to have the same type if conditions, excluding the levels independent variables. Not only is it the hardware, but the start up has to be the same like the number of start up items and stuff.
    Bio research win….
    LOL, grammer win.

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