Windows 7 Vs Windows XP Pro Boot Test

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Windows 7 Home Premium on a Dell Latitude D630 vs Windows XP Professional on a Dell Latitude D510. (Windows XP won)


  1. You can tell me whatever you like. The fact that the Windows 7 PC gets through the POST slower (and this is even before accessing the hard drive, nothing to do with the operating system) tells me it's slower. So, it's fair to assume it's a slower machine overall. If it's as you say, however, there's something broken with it, obviously.

    Besides, the whole debate is moot. I don't mean to lock horns with you by any means.

  2. they have super 'lite' builds of win7 striped down to only the core features and removing all the extra crap like areo, proforomance index, medica center (not media player), etc.. You can find a torrent for it anywhere but in terms of proformance, its far better than the stock version of win7, and almost just as fast as winXP.

  3. hello i wanted to know if on dell latitude d510… i install windows 7 but drivers are missing and its super slow… now i want to go back to windows xp… where can i download windows xp?

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