Windows 7 vs windows xp restart test

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These are not mine but they belong to the school here and like using them and they’re pretty good. They are both the dell optiplex series. The windows Xp is on the dell optiplex 760 series and the windows 7 is on the dell optiplex 780 series


  1. Windows XP: Awesome (Especially with Intel Pentium 4) PC: Dell Dimension 2400 Old computer
    Windows Vista: OK (They could have done better) PC: Dell Latitude E6400 My computer
    Windows 7: Great (Works with Core i5 and i7) PC: Dell Latitude E6510 Dad's work PC and Acer Aspire 1410 Sister's laptop
    Windows 10: Awful (Unless it is a Pentium) Acer Aspire ES1-512 Family computer

  2. Sorry, but you tried to do the test to know which operating system is better because it is not safe interrupted the video twice and that is not acceptable … The next time you use a camera support. Greetings.

  3. WTF?????!!1!!??/?
    I never knew someone who will downgrade from 7 to xp!!
    xp is the worst os ever made and its old, buggy unstable and you can easely get viruses. Also it will loose support in less than a year! I just dont get why do people love xp so much???

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