WINDOWS 7 XP on Android Device ? Latest 2017

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How to Make your Android Into WINDOWS 7 or Windows XP or Vista ?Wanna know ?Then watch the Full Video .

This is a Very Cool Tutorial For Windows Lover .

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  1. This is awesome windows style launcher for Android BUT ….. AVOID IT!
    It's full of ADWARE and permissions to ALL your phone info! Were installed a bunch of crap ads and files in the phone!
    The Dev is Chinese and there are a lot of not translated stuff inside. I know that you want to advertise it BUT TELL THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE. Write the permissions requested!
    The app doesn't exist on Playstore for a reason! THINK! It's a pity because is such an awesome concept with so many things inside , but until is not fully translated and cleaned from all the adware and ads inside there is only one road to follow :
    …and it's even TRIAL

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