Windows 8.1 for dummies how to install uninstall programs and apps

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In Windows 8.1 two types of programs you have good old programs that you uninstall from the control panel and apps from the microsoft store on the start screen


  1. Thanks so much! I downloaded this freakin' game app, and it turned out to be very invasive and aggravating. It kept popping up with status updates and the like…I couldn't figure out how to uninstall that thing for the life of me…tried the usual ways. Anyways, I even went to the Windows Help on the desktop and they didn't have an answer. I found your link by Googling and I really appreciate that you took the time to do this tutorial ūüôā

  2. Unable to uninstall program due to error 2503 and 2502 in desktop. Cannot update the app in normal mode after removing it from the computer, store does not have latest version and Download Now button does not work …

  3. i found out how to stop the windows login to disable the sky drive that was eating up resources, i had the ms store gone too when i did that, however, i by mistake went into the ms store somehow and now it loads up at random points and i have no clue how to stop it this  time, i dont want it to ever loadup is there a special wy to stop programs from laoding at all, there are a few other ms programs that eat up resources i want blocked as well, any help anyone can give would be great thanks, im gonna go check out some of your other dummy vids see if this isnt covered already, if it is ill find it lol

  4. I can't install software, eg U mark a program that allows you to add watermarks to images. When I try to down load it to windows 8 it tells me to find an appropriate program to allow download. Is there something wrong with my Surface tablet? It is very frustrating and means I can't use this tablet for my work. Disappointed.

  5. I really  enjoy your tutorials. I accidentally uninstalled Microsoft mail app and I'm having problems reinstalling it. I went to the app store and it says that it's already installed but when I click on the mail icon, it says that the app can't open and it tells me to go the app store. Can you please help. Thank you.

  6. Nice video for dummies. But I guess that I'm even dammier because I'm not able to uninstall an app or apps that I have downloaded from Store. There is only install button and if check my apps in start menu it gives me only two opitions "pin to start" and the right down corner "customize". Uninstall is available only for some applications, but not for all that I downloaded, so my question is how on earth do I get rid of this. For example "hyper for youtube" from store which is among my programs now and I don't want it anymore. It's not even in "programs and futures" Any other options by some other "user friendly" way guys?

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