Windows 8.1 for for Monoprice, UC-Logic, and Huion (etc) tablet users

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This was rushed a bit…sorry
A full list of software recommendations are as follows:

Sketchbook Copic Edition
Gimp 2.6 (2.8 doesn’t have pressure)
Gimp 3.0 (brings it back…not actually released yet)
ArtRage 2
OpenCanvas 1.1

Tablet brands this (may/may not) works for:
Tevion (same as Medion)
Medion (Aldi South brand)
Iball Pen Tablet
Iball Design Tablet

get you…


  1. THANKS A LOT Jeremy!!!. I have a older tablet (Ackteck dipen ap-8000) and actualy, the drivers isn't working :(, but installing the UC drivers from here , my tablet works again with programs like Tool Sai 2 and Manga Studio.If someone wants use it, only needs follow this steps:

    1- Uninstall the tablet (removing the driver) until your tablet being recognized like a mouse.
    2- Install the driver from the previus link and wait until the device manager (and the wizard) ends the installation.
    3- Reboot the Device and enjoy.

    The driver is the v8, and works very well on Windows 10 64bits.

    Thanks again for all and regards.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english ._.


    Photoshop CC works with old tablets if you use the config mentioned in this post:

  2. I have been looking up solutions for my tablet for daaayyys now, and this absolutely solved it for me. Thank you VERY MUCH for the info….(my tablet was working but didn't have pen pressure, I was a bit bummed). All other suggestions didn't work, but this did the trick.

  3. You know what guys, I have a monoprice tablet for the fucking price of 60$ for an un-userfriendly Piece of shit. If you want to draw, or do that awesome stuff that you can with a tablet, Don't get monoprice because im sick and tired of it breaking on me, Untill I can figure out how to get this damn thing to work, Ill keep sharpening my pencils/

  4. Perfect, I uninstalled my driver and downloaded the latest one from the website, and now Sai doesn't work at all. I just wanted to fix the pressure sensitivity, but now the problem is even worse than it was before and it's too late to undo all that. 'Tablet pointing devices' is not showing up in my device manager at all either, despite me having downloaded the newest drivers. It was there before I switched drivers, but now it's not. This is just perfect. I knew I shouldn't have fucked with anything

  5. So I just bought a laptop with Windows 8.1, and I went to try to install my monoprice tablet on it today (it's actually the same version as yours) and my pen pressure in Paint Tool Sai is nonexistent, and it doesn't work in FireAlpaca either.  I'm using the drivers on the Monoprice website, and I've tried reinstalling the drivers, I've tried your method in this video, as well as a couple other things.  In my list of drivers, i only have one option that's not the weird ones you pointed out.  I don't know what to do???

  6. Ok. I know is is a noob question but where do I find the set up menu for this thing? My desktop is a widows 8.1 and it knows I'm using the pen but, the problem is with the pressure sensitivity. I've tried looking for the menu on my desktop and search for it on the task bar nothing showed up. So if you would kindly tell me how to do this it would be much appreciated.


  7. Uh.. I'm gonna sound really dumb but the drivers on UC logic extract like 7 folders for me and I don't understand what folder to go into or which files to use? Have you got the time to spare to lend me a hand?

  8. Hey! I seem to have the same problem as a few others, win 8.1, installed the lastest drivers (version 8.0) and while clicking does work, the cursor is stuck and won't move at all. The Icon isn't shoowing up in the system tray either. Tried different drivers, reinstalling everything and whatnot, but nothing does the trick. Do you know what could cause the problem?

  9. UC-Logic isn't in English or any language I can read.  I can't find any Monoprice drivers on there.  The only Monoprice drivers I can find on the internet are the same ones I have on CD, which don't work.  The pen moves with Photoshop and most of my other paint programs, but there's no pressure sensitivity.  It won't move at all with Paint Tool Sai.  What do I do?

  10. I'm so confused???? I can't even find any driver downloads on this uc-logic website… like… AT ALL. I'm just generally lost on how any of this works? Because I just got a new computer, so it has windows 8.1, which no longer woks with the driver software on the CD provided and yet I can't find an updated download ANYWHERE? I'm so confused…..

  11. i installed the driver for my monoprice tablet and it worked fine for a week or so but now it doesn't work in certain programs like paint tool sai. it does however work fine in photoshop. and sometimes my computer doesn't detect it at all. is my tablet just kinda old (had mine for 2+ years) or did i install the driver wrong?

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