Windows 8.1 How to install adobe reader for PDF

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How to download and install Adobe Reader for PDF viewing in Windows 8


  1. I downloaded Windows 10 hated it for the random blue screen shutdowns and downgraded back to Windows 8.1. I now can't open PDF because Microsoft has discontinued Microsoft reader for Windows 8.1 and when I try to download Adobe reader I get this message, "AcroReader.msi is not a valid installation file or the file route is missing. please choose a valid file route and try again." I click on a bunch of shit and the message is always the same. Microsoft told me to contact Adobe as it's their problem and Adobe redirected me to the forums which this question has never been answered. Both companies have terrible customer service and my computer is useless without the ability to open PDF beside buying a new computer can anyone help me?

  2. i try everything and i got a problem . when im donwloading the adobe reader my computer just say he removed a aplication and that aplicacion is the adobe reader. i need to turn off my computer's security for do only the download. please help me 

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