Windows 8.1 How to print from mail app

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Printing emails from you Windows 8.1 mail app


  1. Control P doesn't wok from my Mail app. It works from other apps. So I still don't know how to print an email 🙁 
    As for the MORE Icon; I don't still don't get the PRINT option. I only get; Bulleted list, Numbered list, Undo, and Redo…. HATE WINDOW 8 grrrrrrrrrr

  2. Many Thanks for this video, you have explained clearly & shown how simple it is, once you know what to do.
    I was wondering how to print emails & hoped that someone had posted a you tube video on " how to …. " and here you are.
    I have learnt a lot about windows 8.1 from these videos so thanks again. 

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