Windows 8.1 – League of Legends Compatiblity

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Here’s a short demo showing that League of Legends works great in Windows 8.1. It demonstrates the technique that a lot of online games have and that is to update their software each time you run the game.

And of course, they would update it to run under each new version of a supported OS. So, if you are a League of Legends person, don’t be afraid to run under Windows 8.

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  1. Hey there ! I need you're help ! After I Installed windows 8.1 my lol started to lag before I upptaded it was working perfectly fine ! How can I solve the problem, so lol do not lag ?!!

  2. Hey,im having problems with my LOL.Im having random fps drop after 10 mins in game and my pc specs are
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 950m
    Windows 8.1
    Intel Core i7-4729HQ – 2.60 Ghz
    Ram – 8gb
    System type – 64 bit operating system, x 64 based processer
    The fps drop is from like 182 fps to between 56 and 2.
    My com is an ASUS X550JX (Gaming laptop)Recently bought also about a month ago.
    I can run games like Skyrim or Alien Isolation under maximum grapic but not LOL,i was being told by someone during a LOL game that his/her LOL losing fps because of windows 8,I have asked my friends but sadly,none of them have Windows 8.1 or 8. I even when as far to lower down every texture,shadows(off),hiding eye candy and so on but still having fps drops.

    P.s my region is in SEA which doesn't uses the NA logging screen,PLEASE RESPOND FAST!! YOUR MY ONLY HOPE MAN!!

  3. so my problem is, it gets to the middle of the launch after the first download and goes after three fourths of the download to 0kbps, i bought the computer in america and am trying to play on the eu west forum in europe, could that have something to do with it?

  4. I am having issues with my lenovo erazer x315. When running league the fps is generally around 20 even at the lowest possible settings. My keyboard also seems to randomly not work for a couple seconds at a time while in game. Any suggestions? Btw this computer is completely new literally got it a day ago

  5. I have a problem with my Acer E1-410…
    at first I am playing with 60-80 FPS.. Then after several minutes…
    It spikes down to 10-25 fps.. and my screen freezes on Menu and Item Shop..

  6. I have an Nvidia gt 740m and an integrated 4000 HD intel and im getting 200 fps then it drops down to  10 fps every 5 seconds or so. I have the newest drivers and disabling the integrated 4k hd in the device manager drops my fps to about 3 permanently. I am sure i have league in the nvidia control panel on the gt 740m but it still lags.

  7. I just bought an acer aspire e15 today because I needed something cheap for school and work, my problem is the game will not update. I ran the launcher in almost all compatibility modes with my firewall both on and off and everytime the patch update stops with 242mb remaining and my download speed comes to a dead stop 0kbps and never picks back up or continues to download it just pauses there. Can anyone help me please?!?

  8. hey man, i recently purchased a computer and downloaded LoL onto it.  now, im having a weird issue.  i can play BOT matches and DOM matches. however, when i try to create a custom game it wont let me play past the champ select screen. i just get a black screen and i have to ctrl+alt+del. it then shows the firewall message.  ive tried turning my firewall completely off.  i do have a logitech mouse to which i found a couple things online. i changed my CFG file. i also changed the logitech file.  i find it weird that it will also let me play dom matches alone but as soon as i try to join a friend i get the black screen with firewall message.  i dont know what to do anymore.  could you post a video of maybe upgrading to the newest patch of LoL and trying to start a Normals match please?

  9. Well, I have really strange problem with Windows 8.1 pro N and League of Legends. I can see minimap just fine, and hp-bars, but I can't see champion, minions, turrets, champion's spells, and the most of the real map. Can You help me? Also, I have already updated my NVidia and Intel.

  10. I Play League of legends on philippine server,
    I can play DOTA 2 And other games and high settings but not LoL,
    First i Have a good 60 fps then at random moments the screen freezes or the frame rather spikes down to 3 Fps, It annoys me as sometimes it happens on crucial moments, Also It freezes for a few seconds when I open my LoL menu in game, Also whenever i open my shop my screen freezes for a few seconds, IT annoyrs me, please help me fix this problem! thank you

    My pc specs are
    Intel I5-4200u 
    GT 720m
    4gb Ram
    windows 8.1

  11. I have an Asus Republic of Gamers geforce gtx 660m. I have 40 fps and 40 ping throughout my game. I only play on a wired connection at my home by myself with no one else on the internet. I have an Asus republic of gamers laptop that is only a few months old. I have tried low graphic settings. I don't understand how I'm lagging/freezing during laning phase or team fights with PERFECT connection and PERFECT ping. I'm a NA player. It's really annoying, I'm not enjoying my gaming experience, and strongly considering uninstalling. This is my last attempt at any hope of fixing this issue. I mainly freeze when alot of abilities are used at once in a team fight. Let me be more specific, I am able to MOVE and minions are moving, and all champions are moving, but no damage is being dealt or taken.. THEN, after like 5 seconds the screen fast forwards and you can see any actions we have done in a huge burst. It's like the game catches up to what has been going on 5 seconds ago….

    Do you know of a fix or the problem with this issue? Everything stays up to date with every boot on my gaming laptop.

  12. Can you help me ? I recently got a brand new laptop with windows 8.1 for a month but every time I try to download league the timer goes to 220 hours . What's happening T_T

  13. an unknown directx error has occurred and league of legends cannot start. Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer.
    What am i suppose to do when i got this error?

  14. I can't patch…haven't played LoL in 4 months now because of that….It stucks on Bin_0x0000000,1,2,3 or 4 -.- and it just stop patching from 1200 kbps to 0 kbps 🙁 I have tried everything on their support side and I have search around on google and nothing works 🙁

  15. My screen keeps flashing, any ideas? It flashes during summoning and when I enter the game it keeps flashing. I recently started running Windows 8.1, I had Windows 7 and it used to run fine*

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