Windows 8.1 New Features

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In this video tutorial we show you all the new features in Windows 8.1


  1. I take it all these videos are about a Mac computer.  I don't have a Mac so I just wasted 15 minutes before I realized he could be of absolutely no help to me.  My time is very precious to me so I was a bit irked when I kept seeing Mac coming up ……… I wish he had mentioned at the beginning he was only talking about Mac computers …… would have been nice to know.

  2. The only problem I have with 8.1, is that I can't play Black Ops 3 multiplayer or campaign. BO3 requires a windows media feature pack, and it's only compatible with windows 8.

  3. Just brought a new laptop that has windows 8.1, this video was very helpful thank you. When setting up the computer, yesterday, it said that Windows 10, would be automatically uploaded on the 29 July 2015. Will you be doing a video on the operating system Windows 10? Thank you.

  4. DID I just HEAR [ COX ] say dat, 
    " LOADING 8.1 did Destroy ALL of his Files! " & then zippo Cox NEVER Elaborated!!!!
    So….. I am to Think WUT!!!?????
    Does DATA = ALL your PERSONAL FILES that YOU have SELF CREATED??? I DON'T Mean Some One Else's SHIT!!
    I mean your SAVED Documents!!!! Jan.7, 2015.

  5. He's so mad…. he's butthurt because he doesn't have patients. My computer upgraded fine aswell as the fan doesn't burst like his does. He probably has a shitty computer like he downloaded a lot of scrap or doesn't keep it in a good enviroment. I care for my computer like a child.

  6. u guys just have slow computers … laptop is dualcore dell inspiron m5040 and it came with windows 7 home premium and i installed 8 ant it was great and recently updatet to 8.1 and its amazing and everything happens in a dlash …..dont criticise windows 8.1…instead….BUY BETTER COMPUTERS!!

  7. I just updated my windows 8 to 8.1 on my laptop Acer R7 with i5 procesor and 6gb ram and it works very well.I updated very fast,without any problem..Maybe is something wrong with your computer..

  8. Good video, but I think you need some better computer hardware to be honest. Windows 8/8.1 is not that slow on my laptop! However, the metro layout is redundant and I hate it. Going back to good old 7.

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