Windows 8.1 please wait error what is the fix?

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Yeah. Windows. It continues to suck. What is the fix for the please wait error?


  1. Yo i will help you so shut down your computer and turn on you computer hold the “shift” button and mash the “F8” button it will get you on display options choose “troubleshoot” then “avdanced options” then see the picture of the circle with square so click that the click the restart button so yeah so go to safe mode by pressing “F4” or “4” so you’re in safe mode press Win+R it pop up a window it’s says “Run” so type “msconfig” the go to boot options then check the “safe boot” then click “ok” then hold the “shift” button the click restart but still hold the “shift” button you’re in the display options so again with “troubleshoot” now this time go to cammand button now go enter your password the click next if you don’t have your password just leave it blank and click next now you’re in the cammand to type “bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot” then press enter now click the “x” now your’re back but choose continue login your account now done CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! NOW YOU FIXED YOUR COMPUTER Enjoy using it Bye!!! Have a great day

  2. OMG! atlast after a day n half it worked, hold down power button whilst restart, press esc key to get system recovery menu, press F11… keep on trying trying n trying, somwhow it works

  3. I have Windows 8 and it said Windows update needs your help! go to Windows update to fix now I know the is no virus because it's a default app and stuff, It said that it hasn't been able to search for updates the last 30 days and I got the option to retry search so I did And it said restart your pc to finalise I did and now it just says wait I've waited for over 5 hours now almost 6 does anyone know how to fix? If so please tell me

  4. There is one more trick you can try is to boot up and then quickly shut down by holding down the power button for 4 seconds. Apparently if you do this say 3 times in a row you get a startup repair option and you can restore your settings or actions done before the bug.

  5. For anyone still on Windows 8. Had the 'please wait' problem also. Try restarting with a recovery disk if you have one. I didn't have one. I tried every combination of keys, 20+ cold reboots, every fix on every available website to no avail. What DID finally work was turning off computer, then restarting by holding down F11 key AT THE SAME TIME as the power button. Waited for windows prompt, and selected 'Refresh'. Doing this saved most of my files (99%)– BUT BEWARE! I was disappointed to find that after-factory applications I added before the refresh were now missing-such as OFFICE, Norton anti-virus, Adobe Reader, Java, all previous updates to windows, and some of the pre-loaded HP add-on files. I was able to restore Norton because I had the authentication key, and put Office back on with a disk. I then ran a Windows update- had 215 updates that took several hours to load up/install. In addition, my metro apps were also outdated and wouldn't open after refresh, so I had to uninstall them and reinstall from the store. What a gigantic headache it was…took me several days and lots of aggravation to restore things back to where they were, but the pay off was well worth it. My 3.5 year old HP laptop is running lighting fast, no lagging, no funky error messages, pages load up quickly. It's like new again! I feel more confident now that upgrading to Windows 8.1 will be seamless, then on to Windows10 if all goes well.

  6. Now that I am upgrading to Windows 10 on my tablet, I had to go through with upgrading to 8.1 first. I got the error in the process. These comments helped but a few things to note:
    -when entering taskkill /f /im restoreoptin.exe take note of the spaces following taskkill, f and im
    -this will also have to be entered EVERY time you restart

    I only had to put up with the PLEASE WAIT error for a few days. Windows 10 is installing now. Hope the error doesn't pop up when it's finished!

  7. i have the same problem after i install skype but im okay now. Heres the tips that i used :

    -While at the “Please Wait” screen, press ALT+CTRL+DEL.
    -Click the power icon displayed at the bottom right.
    -Hold down the SHIFT key and select Restart.
    -This will take you to the Windows Startup Settings screen and go to safe mode.
    When u are in the safe mode :

    -Point to the lower edge of the screen and drag upwards to select Settings.
    -Click Change PC settings.
    -Click Accounts from the left pane and choose then choose Other accounts.
    -Select Add an account from the right pane.
    -Type in your Username and Password and click Next.
    -Select the new account and click Edit.
    -Set the Account type to Administrator and click OK.

    I hope this will help (:

  8. press windows + R key and type "taskkill /f /im restoreoptin.exe and then press enter. i tried this and worked.
    you can't see the window, but you will see the edge of the icon on taskbar.  Do Windows + R and then type the taskkill /f /im restoreoptin.exe line and hit enter.

  9. There's a pretty easy fix for this problem – like the other posters have already indicated, one drive (formerly sky drive) is the issue – though you definately don't have to disable it.

    Yesterday I had the issue when creating 2 new accounts for both my children – I setup theses accounts as "Child" from the user accounts section (control panel).
    To fix the issue, I had to temporarily create the Child account as an Administrator account (Standard user may work…). Reboot the pc and then log into the account. Wait for the account to be setup (the please wait screen should, after a few minutes, proceed to the skydrive/one drive screen – and set it up as per normal. Once its done and you're returned to the start screen, click on the OneDrive app on your start menu to start the app – this should make sure its properly setup (you don't have to actually do anything in there).
    Then, exit the account and re-log into your normal admin account to change the Child's account back to type "Child". 

    Like I said, this worked for both my children's accounts. Was a very frustrating issue though that needs to be fixed!!

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