Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit on an AMD Athlon 64

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Can 10 year old technology keep up with the latest Microsoft operating system? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. I've done some research snd turns out that the Athlon 64 3000+ is the single oldest processor that can even run Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. And still it's impressive that it can run those operating systems very well. But only if there's a dedicated GPU inside. Preferably PCI-E.

    PAE, NX, SSE2 are present in this old guy.

  2. i will not upgrade past Windows XP on a 2005 AMD Athlon 64 for many reasons

    u can't play most games from 1998 – 2002 on Windows Vista and up (even patches didn't help)

    when i tried 2 run older games with glide wrapper, i blue screen alot on Vista and up

    and Windows 8 ain't stable 4 most games anyways

    however, nice vid! i'm usually a huge Windows 8 hater

  3. Good report, Most people don't realize the new  6-8 core cpu's don't run much faster than these in single core mode.  HD video would be no problem with a better video card, ie: the AGP Radeon HD4650 is 25x faster than what you have in there.

  4. um..that was intresting. i don't really like win 8( really don't like the new screen) but seeing this i mite just give it a go.i have two old machines (Athlon x 2) so i mite just try it on one of them. in fact i've just put an old computer together so i mite try it on that one. cool good video 🙂 

  5. WOW, just WOW, i am building a new computer (slowly changing pieces to make new pc) and thought, after i get these 2 up and running, i might get my old pc (thats collecting dust) up and running again, its an AMD Athlon X64 (single core) on a Foxconn K8M890M2MA-RS2H AM2 VIA K8M890 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard, all its missing is OS, Hdd and ram!, been trying to hunt around for XP, but if win 8.1 32 runs this great might go for that! is that running onboard graphics, or do you have a vidcard in there? having trouble confirming with my old mobo wheter it is 2GB maxx or 2GB maxx per channel @ DDR2-800!

  6. I happen to love windows 8.  I miss it on my Dell Latitude E6530, but I plan to put it back on as soon as possible.  Speaking of a server OS as a workstation, I nearly did that on my Latitude with Windows server 2012. 

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