Windows 8.1 Removing crapware from new Laptop or Desktop brand computers tips and tricks

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General tips and tricks on removing crapware on Windows PC’s


  1. Crapware has got to be the most annoying thing. They can cause lots of problems when newbies try to remove the crap and accidentally remove the wrong programs and files in the process which I have done when i was a newbie…..still am really, there's always new stuff to learn with PC's

  2. I remember back in the day when vista ruled the world I had my old HP pavilion had a conflict with a trial antivirus software and it was Norton that caused the windows security system dump file to be corrupt and I had to boot the pc in safe mode and rename that folder with a .old and create a new folder under windows system 32 to make windows vista to work correctly. Also almost every single PC that I or my family owned that was a store bought pc from HP I had to eventually format every single computer and buy a generic version of windows 7 for example because half of the recovery partitions on those HP machines did not work. I have lost faith in store bought machines and I build my own pc's from scratch to avoid spending your money twice.

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