1. I have 8.1 did what u said does not work … computer goes to screensaver when i move my mouse it goes to a screen with a lot of colors time and date when i get out of that i have to put in password

  2. Thank for having this posted. Although I tried it and it still ask for a log in when I wake the computer from sleep or fresh turn on.I looked this up because just recently its started filling the box where the dots show up as you type in the password. When I click the little eye that lets me see what is typed it shows nothing but ;x;x;x;x;x;x;x;x;x. It does this even if I only tap any key one time to the point where when I press backspace it erases like 3 lines of ;x;x;x;. I'm thinking I might have some kind of virus on this thing. Any thoughts and input would be appreciated on how to fix this problem.

  3. Hey Nick, when in user accounts – I dont have the checkbox option for "Users must enter a user name and password"
    Not sure why, but i have one account as "HomeUsers" and the other as "Administrator" – Both with the same Username Email – could this be the problem?

  4. omg thank you my grandma gave me a gamer pc for my birthday and i got so dam tired of having to sign in when ever i logged on since its in my room and no one lives here besides my mom who has a gamer pc as well….so ya saved me alot of typing 🙂

  5. nick i have a friends that selling his hp 360touch screen w/8. am going do this for him .. this would work if a another person was to use the use the laptop.. that he is selling …he or she could put there pass word ? when they buy it from ..dave in florida

  6. I would like to use this video to help my elderly sister with no experience of computers to disable having to use a password every time the screen locks. I have windows 10 with a 4 numeral password so I have no trouble, but I find it hard to be able to copy & paste your you tube video as it may be easier to understand rather that explaining the instruction in a email

  7. Thx so much Nick! I agree w/many of the comments here & it was truly annoying to have to log-in to my pc every time I turned it on. That said, I have Windows 10 & your video for 8.1 appears to have worked. 🙂

  8. So, what do you need to do if you do EXACTLY this but it doesn't disable either one? I have attempted it over 6 times now, even restarted my computer twice. But it still does this every single time.

  9. Thanks, Nick. What this does, apparently, is automatically log me in with my "Windows Account". I don't want to be logged in through any type of account – I just want to turn the computer on and work on it. Obviously MS wants people to be somehow logged in so MS must be getting something out of it. I don't like it. What are they getting out of this? At the very least probably an idea of how much time people spend on their PCs. I would rather not share anything without express permission. I'm not really liking this new format – that MS and my PC are in charge, rather than me being in charge of my own PC.

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