Windows 8.1 Tutorial – How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers & Devices

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Detailed walkthrough and tutorial on how you can pair or connect your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices to Windows 8.1 PC laptop &desktop! Latest method as of April 2014! Very simple and very easy! Enjoy!

ASK any questions, concerns you may have. I respond to ALL comments and messages! All suggestions and feedback are welcomed! Keep tuned in for more videos soon!
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  1. The problem is I cant make my laptop connect automatically to my bluetooth speaker. so I usually have to unpair first and then pair again every time I switch on my laptop. It shouldn't be this way…

  2. Hello, I already paired mine but when I want to use it the second time, it won't connect. So I unpaired it and then connected it works. Do you have any solutions that will just let me connect without making me forget the device?

  3. I have you this experience when I had window 8 but after installed window 8.1 I can't use my smart phone music listen on my HP laptop. There is shown my phone connected via Bluetooth but I can't use the same which I had listen when I had window 8. Is there any solution pleases tell me.

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