Windows 8.1 vs 10 Gaming Comparison CS:GO & LoL FX 6300

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Win 10 is on the right!
So i did get a small boost going Win10. What i noticed is that cpu overall utilization went higher (therefore fps). In the end i call it a 5% improvement (considering my cpu was the bottleneck in the 2 two games tested).


  1. Which one should I buy? Main game and purpose of build is CS-go.

    Windows 10 Home 32 bit
    Windows 10 homes 64 bit
    Windows 10 pro 32
    Windows 10 pro 64

    Any recommendation on 8700k AIO? I’m avoaiding NZXT 62 because too many have cam software issues. I’m not sure about Corsair h115i because many complain of pump failures. Leaves me with evga clc 280mm. Any recommendations? Thanks!!! I have following parts already: 8700k, 1080ti ftw3 hybrid, Maximus x hero z370 mobo, z trident 3200 16gb. 14-14-14-34 latency ram, 960 pro 512 gb m.2, Seagate firecuda 2 TB sshd, Phanteks pro m glass SE case.

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