Windows 8.1 vs Ubuntu 13.10 boot time

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Boot time difference between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10 (64-bit) on Lenovo Y500 laptop (i7, GT650M, 8GB RAM). Both were released on 17th October and you can see clearly who is the winner.


  1. Fool , you are mistaken !

    Windows 8 and 8.1 have the option to " Off" , but actually , you're not turning off the PC , but hibernating !

    That's why he comes back so fast .

    Here is my conclusive proof : retest with the most current version of the two systems , but instead of switching them between the desktops systems and resumes both at the same time , select the time for which off and return to the desktop first, and so will see which is faster !

    Up because Linux , if Ubuntu is lighter because it uses less hardware , as can be boot slower ?

    * Note : I use notebook , every time I return from hibernation on my Windows 7 appears when I call : Resume fron hibernation .
    And the same happened when turned off and connected my old Windows 8 and 8.1 , I've used them!

    I hope to have informed you well , as you eluded to misleading Microsoft , who implemented it to say that their system was the most today !

    Greetings from OpenSource Community !

  2. what the fuck is wrong with your laptop? I have shitty netbook and it's maybe 15-25s slower in booting Ubuntu then your INTEL i7 GT650M and motherfucking 8GB RAM, something is not right here…

  3. Hey, were those open source graphics drivers? I am finding similar results as you. Good I am not the only one. In some cases, Ubuntu 13.10 has slower boot times even when booting from an SSD!

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