Windows 8/8.1/10 Mouse/Touchpad Problem FIX 2

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Hello people of the internet! And an update from my previous Windows 8/8.1 mouse fix tutorial. How to complete fix this problem you continue to have.

Go to
-Control Panel
-Device Settings
-Pointing (click on the play icon you see near pointing)
-Move the adjustment to Minimum
-Close it when adjusted
-Hit Apply
-And hit Okay

BAM! You should be able to play any kind of games without any interruptions as you use the keyboard to move and…


  1. I dont have the palm check setting on my laptop (yes i have the latest synaptics driver installed). Its an older laptop so it never came with the ability to do palm check. Ive had win10 on this laptop for over a year without having this problem, but now I do wtf. Any other solutions?

  2. Thank you SO much!! I was beginning to think this was a hardware issue. I didn't have 'palm check'. On my laptop I have Pointing>Sensitivity>TouchCheck. Worked perfectly, thank you!

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