Windows 8: A Small Demonstration

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Is Windows 8 really that simple? Watch for the answer.. From Microsoft Portugal:


  1. This is cute and all, but it did not show the side that suffered, PC/mouse users, I feel microsoft was to focused on "innovation" innovation is good, but please don't make hybrids microsoft. There will never be that "perfect one" OS, with current technologies anyway.

  2. That’s the ONLY innovation they show? a password that takes 10 seconds to enter? leaves fingerprints on the screen, and is visible by EVERYBODY around you??? how do network admins or other users get into your PC? “ok, draw a boob on the woman and a zigzag on the bicycle” for petes sake, that’s so stupid. what else is he demo-ing? and why is that pedo touching the boy’s shoulder like that? this is horrible. these people are just laughing and laugning and laughing, meanwhile apple is gobbling up users by the truckload with actual innovations like using your mac and phone to do texting and make phone calls and work on docs back and forth seamlessly. Also nice flauting of Child Labor Laws. awww look how cute. WHY DOES MY ENTIRE FORTUNE 500 EMPLOYER NEED TO USE A STARDOCK 3RD PARTY START MENU APP!?!?!??!?!

  3. in 1 min talking you can tell that kid is above average smart, meaning smarter than the adults, so the video has no point 😛
    but the truth is people are fucking retarded, win 8 is as good as win 7 for anything else, u just need a free start button program and ur all set

  4. So I see all these video's showing how great windows 8 is at doing web based "entertainment"

    Why is it that I have yet to go to a website from the Metro interface and have the website do what it is supposed to do.
    Example: Google "The Last of Us" it's a new game with a simple age verification. My phone can go to it without an issue. But NOT this my Windows Surface Pro.
    I want to find a way to use the interface to do my tasks, but when I cannot do anything it makes me avoid it.

  5. I've been a network administrator managing microsoft servers and applications for 20 years and I found Windows 8 to be infuriatingly hard to use and inconsistent in its User Interface.

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