Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop Fix

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Short and sweet version…get it into safe mode, log in, and reboot


Please use the following link to my latest video. It is a tried and true fix. I apologize for this video entirely. It was a flop. Please go to this link to fix it:


  1. This works on my windows 10 asus as well. I thought I was going to lose everything and low and behold it worked. Now it didn't let me hold in F9 but when it runs through its little course it ends up at a screen where you can hit "restart" or "advanced options" and pretty much the same thing, just go to advanced options and select startup options and once it restarts follow the same way you did. It worked flawlessly! Thank you good sir! You have made my day possibly even my month!

  2. I have an HP notebook computer not sure what model number it is. I turn on the computer. it goes to the normal HP screen and then it says preparing automatic repair after a few seconds it just hangs there there's a blank screen and that's all. I've tried pressing f11 then pushing the power button it goes into some screen says please wait and then it just hangs there a black screen nothing I've tried pressing other F buttons and then turning on the power button can't get anything to go to the desktop. I have Windows 8.1 on my computer.

  3. I'm stock inbios I was downloading drivers in the internet went out well right at the top of the screen it says computer will crash if you disconnect internet Insurance s*** it did well right now I'm stuck with a black screen I can get bios up but that is it I cannot even get to safe mode I don't know what to do how can I repair this email me at on2wheels90

  4. Mine is acer it is still stuck on repairing automatic repair I tried just about everything can i take it apart and do something to fix? Or what about messing with the bios I know on there it says hdd frozen

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