Windows 8 boot time VS Windows 7 – Side by Side

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I did a comparison of the amount of time it takes for both operating systems to boot into desktop and to ensure full functionality at boot I started Google Chrome. Thus far Windows 8 has proven to be a viable replacement and is by far superior to Windows 7, you will notice an increase in performance across the board, everything is just faster in 8. Also, AMD based rigs can rejoice now that MS utilizes AMD cpu’s at properly especially the fx 8xxx series due to the new Core Parking feature and…


  1. I would definitely take a look at the Adata you mentioned, its the best boost in performance for the money. Yeah RAM is volatile, its true, but the software I use saves the image to my HDD then loads it back upto RAM at every startup, that takes over 4 minutes but when it is complete its blazing fast. I stopped using though because of some glitches. Yup thats PC tech for you, one day its the fastest, next day its the second fastest. lol

  2. I thought ramdisk worked on bootup as well (I never really understood how that would work with the RAM being cleared at shutdown, but that's just what I thought :p). but i guess not. If you're looking for a SSD i just got one in my new computer. It's a Adata SP900 and I would recommend it a ton, it's way fast! Of course, my computer is now a month old, so they probably have one twice as fast as that :p Anyway good vid still 🙂

  3. True, working on getting one, I always used ramdisk which is about 6x faster then ssd but start up times are ridiculous, this video would have taken alot longer with ramdisk enabled lol

  4. @wibblywobbly1 I share your same sentiments, personally I had been using Ubuntu for a while but there is not enough support for the Linux platform as of yet, drivers were a nightmare at times and required serious know how with the command terminal. I totally agree, the overall operation of Windows 8 is just incredibly fast, after a few driver updates, it boots even faster then before!! Also for AMD CPU's benchmark scores increased significantly, thanks for watching!

  5. I installed W8 Consumer on an old Asus 5630 laptop. I have been trying Linux Opensuse for 12 months, but Linux wastes too much of my time, making it anything but free in the long run. It was quick though. After I installed W8 I expected slow boot up, and a crawl. Well, the reverse was true. It boots up faster than anything I have ever used, mere seconds, and the whole OS is working like a dream. The huge downside is Metro if you don't have a touchscreen, and the navigation is awful on a PC.

  6. great vid, but I think with an SSD everything runs fast, and particularly with the SATA III, its like having a monitor where you can achieve refresh rate of 240hz after 35 fps there is no significant change to the human eye, same with an SSD if windows loads 1 second faster it wouldn't matter. nice review regardless

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